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Update 1.2

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hi Sex & Guners !

Theses day I'm working on the Peace & Love area, I'll make a video of it during the week end if the progress reached the quality I want !

Here is what's coming up in today's update

Community request :

- Blood option Enable/Disabled from option menu

- Magazine fully loaded after respawn

- Better AIM for the Nurse (Hospital scene)

Optimization :

- Rework on the on the level lights

- Motel level optimized

- Better reading of every UI

- Office few optimization

Misc :

- Hand re-position

- Robocock re-position

- Good spawning in the level at beginning.

- UI Pointer working correctly

- Gun Laser Pointer Fix

- In game menu spawns closer

- Fix big hands in Motel

- Robocock UI in a better position

- New Magazine Load/Unload Sounds (Pistol/Rifle)

- Woman moaning sound fix

- Office woman is now only opening mouth when finger is placed inside

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