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Update 1.1

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

22/04/2019 - VERSION 1.1 - On Steam & On the drive

* After many request from the community I added : HANDS !

I finally removed theses green bubbles. You'll see them animate when you shoot (index moves when you press trigger) - They will work on pistol, rifle, shotgun -

It makes the experience more immersive. I also started to work on interactions with the hand & the breast, you can press "trigger" to move your thumb when touching her breast, and also GRIP to make a hand animation- It's really just a beginning, I'll make animation for every parts of her body.

* Pointer to interact with menu & text is now pointing at the good direction, you don't need to break your wrist anymore ! (Vive user)

* The Guns have the good position, where the controller are (no offset anymore).

* The guns are not going back to the holster anymore, you could experience that issue sometimes.

* Easy mode on Level 2 has been added

* Text is closer & bigger, for a better reading -

* Uzi magazine isn't yellow anymore (Nurse)

* Worked on the "Landro" level optimization, should be better fps & experience, also the woman was missing because of last update, it's fixed !

* The panel to choose the level in the space lobby is now changed with a physical button & I also made it easier to grab it.

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