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Tattoo and Boobs !

Tattoo Mode !

You can take a pen and draw on her body (you can change color /size of the brush...) and also choose some custom shapes to place on her. It’s work in progress but already working fine !

You can press on the “green” cap to switch from draw/erase mode by pressing it with the opposite hand finger.

Known issue : If you change “skin color” the tattoo will be lost and wont work on the new skin.

Feature to come : Save/load Tattoos if you want to keep what you did. I’m also working on tagging a specific word and also rotating the tattoo position. If possible I will also allow to put the tattoo you want by putting them in a specific folder in your installation files.

- Some few settings changes for the quality.

- 1 new character body (Mei, asian) more will come ! You go in Body.

- Boobs morph ! (& more to come)

- Pad design nicer (still needs improvement) I’m trying to make it as less painful as possible, I really hate bad UI in VR, so please let me know if you have suggestions !:)

- Eye & Head tracking was temporarily removed, was too creepy !

I sent an email for ones who bought the game on the website ! Feel free to contact me if you haven't received the email.

Hope you guys have fun !

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