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Some news about upcoming version 1.4

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hello everyone ! Here are some news about 1.4 that is coming soon : * Sex house - Having sex without being interrupted all the time by some bad guys, what a dream ! All the sex position you saw in the game will be there & the experience will be different such as : * Controlling your dick & hand movement ; You can move your hand/dick back & forth with the controller touch/joystick, switch the position of the dick/hand

I let you imagine what are the 3 possibilities where this goes!

* Censor for streaming : You'll be allowed to stream/demo the game on any platform thanks to theses censor bubbles that can be enabled/disabled anytime you want.

* New story (free dlc for early access players !)

Some zombie to kill and explode in many pieces and of course some new weapons to play with !

You'll have to rescue a woman that has been trapped in this place, will you be able to save her? This update will also come with some bug fixes & request from the community, don't hesitate to shoot your feedback on Discord !:) Can't wait to finish, keep you in touch about the progress.

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