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SNG VR Beta 2.2 - Weapons, AI, Menu & First level reboot

Updated: Mar 1, 2021


SEX & GUN VR - Version Beta 2.2

Hi Everyone ! Here's is an update of the VR version ! Weapons, AI, Menu & First level reboot added !

  • Garçon, le Menu ! I added a Main Menu, hope you’ll like it. You can select the sex house, or the story because yes, I added the first level ! hopefully well optimized and I hope to hear some good return regarding loading time and fps… hope I’m on the good track There are also graphic settings, but I haven’t added yet a sound & gameplay option (to choose left handed/ blood visibility/difficulty…)

  • Weapon added back ! In the garage of the sex house you will see a button called “Weapon Training” pressing it will spawn weapons, but will hide the Sex Pad Customizer and destroy the actual woman(s). Pressing it back will bring back the pad and remove the weapons ! I didn’t want to risk having both at the same time since the woman at this stage is a little bit heavy in performance since she is in a “customizable mode” if that makes sense to you !

  • It will make weapons appear : (3 SMG, 1 Rifle, 1 Pistol, 1 Axe, 1 Shield) More will be added !

  • Weapons have recoil, you need to grip them with 2 hands to cancel it.

  • Hands animation on weapons added (some of them need adjustments)

  • Shield can block bullets !

  • For now the pistol on the table has unlimited bullet

“Home Invasion”

  • Button spawns some waves of mobs that want to kick your ass ! It’s a very simplistic thing, just to have fun and test the weapons !

  • Bullets can sometimes detach head, hands, arms, legs… have fun shooting there, the enemy makes some animations if they lose their hand or head ! I haven’t yet made them crawl on the floor but this will be added :P

Wait, and what about the Sex ?!

- Nothing really more added yet, it will be for the next update! - I just added a “text” that you can type and tattoo it on the woman, not yet final, just some tests ! and fix some little UI bug.

- Added one New cloth, Police officer but it doesn’t work yet with morphs, it was for the boss' first scene early stages, but have a look ! :)

What to expect about the first level remake ?

  • The first level should have way better looking & performance than the release version, if not please shoot me a message on discord ! You can see the AI, she isn’t perfect yet, she has just a “patrol” mode compared to before, they also bleed a lot more :P

  • You’ll be playing in a “normal” mode, we’ll be able to edit later when we select a new game in the menu, for now I haven’t added that option.

  • There is a new woman enemy, hope you wont feel too bad killing her, should I bring more sexy woman as enemy or should it be more "male"? Let me know your thoughts !

  • Climb the ladder after killing the enemies, you’ll see the scene of the boss, where she is actually ‘talking’ . What you will hear is an AI generated voice, as a placeholder, I will replace this with a real voice actor of course ! :) You’ll see her lips moving as well, it's still experimental. I will improve that, but it’s not bad ! What do you think?

  • You’ll be transported to the Office next, but nothing happens there YET, since the next update will be dedicated on that specific level, for the sex “Gameplay” rework Stay TUNNED!

  • If you want to leave back to the menu, on your left hand there is a circle, you can touch it and it will bring a menu that offers you to go back.

If you bought the game on the website but haven't received the patch by mail, shoot me a message or join discord !

If you bought the game on Steam, it will be automatically updated of course in the BETA Branch !:)

Stay safe & healthy !

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