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Sex & Gun ! Try now the SEX HOUSE !

Hey everyone, it’s been… 1 year ! already since I haven’t updated the game, thank you all for your patience <3

I managed to do lot of research, tests, to make work on the sex scene system as I wanted it to be, physical based ! So I want to share you the progress, I think it starts to be fun to play with it ! I added a trailer in the front page ! I will send you the build by email for those who bought the game ! I will also make it available on Patreon

So what’s in that update ?

You’ll have a simple room, with what we need, a bed, a table with some sex toys, and woman’s !

You’ll have a SEXPAD in your wrist, so you can edit your girls.

It should be compatible with Index, Vive, Oculus controllers.

Let me know if you have issues in the comments or join Discord to chat with me !

The SexPad

It's located on your wrist, on the side. The "morph" Slider (to make big boobs !) isn't working properly yet. You can spawn new cloths (there are the old ones and new ones now) more to come !

Move : You will lock/unlock the possibility to move hand, head, foot, spine.

Poses : You can have some preset of poses to help you in your creation, some are animated, some others not. You can of course edit theses poses/animations.

Body : Change her skin, hair, eye color. (boob size is still work in progress)

Clothes : Change the clothes that you like, there are some new ones too.

Delete : Remove the selected woman from your room.

Add : Add another woman ! (unlimited until your graphic card cries)

Physical based you said?

Step 1 : Pick up and place your girl gently on the bed (or on the car!)

Step 2 : Make her play a pose, or make your own

Step 3 : Get one of theses sex toy on the table.

Step 4 : Open gently her legs… then you can insert your toy slowly in the hole if your choice ! (works with the mouth too)

Pro Tips : You can try to put more than one if there is enough space ;)

Thank you for your support ! Hope you have fun ! Stay safe and of course and Happy Halloween !!

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