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Sex & Gun PC Version Demo !

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The 2 first levels are in a nice playable state :

: Kill the enemies on the way and search for your Ex-Boss location Gameplay : Play in 3 difficulties : Easy, Normal, Hard - Bots have more HP, better sight. * Shoot, reload, get magazine, bulletproof vest - Melee attacks - You can Press "X" to play with "bullet time" (slow time)

The first sex scene that takes places few days earlier before the Yard. Your boss is going to give you a lot of work, take good care of her. -> Gameplay : Press "E" to interact (remove cloths, switch pussy/ass) Mouse Wheel to move your dick in & out - and woman body parts movement (+ CTRL & Shift to move in different directions)

Go on Patreon to get your Demo : You can get the Non-VR / PC Demo version here: Get the Tier 2 (5$) and you'll receive the game demo link ~ once the game will be released, if you are still on Patreon, you'll get the full release version for free !


You can also take the other tiers if you consider supporting Sex & Gun and help this project to go faster !


Most of the feature you'll see in that Demo, will also be available in the VR version in the next 1.4 Update that Is yet not completed ! See you soon everyone ! <3

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