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Sex & Gun Free Zombie DLC Video News

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Hello everyone !!!

It's been a long time. I’m working alone on that project & only on my free time, I hope you all understand. I decided to make a video to show you the work in progress.

In this video you will see :

New Cloths : They will be available for this new DLC but also for the previous story (The rise of Robocock). There is around 10 new cloths & over 50 variations (Materials)

Weapon Customization : You can add scopes (Holographic, Snipers...) Silencer to make less noise and not attract more zombies, a flashlight to see monsters hiding in the dark & quest objects...

New Maps : I show some new areas & monsters from the new Story.

Woman Gunner : She can now use weapons and can kick ass ! she will be helping you during your quests.

Survivor's Camp : The Sanctuary where only woman lives, they think man's are the reason of that virus, so they don't trust them. You will have to accomplish many quest to unlock weapons, accessory at the store & also unlock sex scenes (Multi Partner/Lesbian Scenes...)

What about the previous story?

All the sex scene of the previous story (Rise of Robocock) have been entirely remade with the new system that I made for the sex house, so it's another reason to play it again ! :)

Changed the dialogue system so it's easier to read & select answers

Community request : A better UI to change difficulty in game, there is no more physical button, everything is in the menu itself, you can choose "Easy, Medium, Hard" and restart the map.

And the Sex House ?

It will be available with the Zombie DLC, and probably soon available in Alpha, I'll give access to it to everyone.

There is a PC-Version now?!

I started working on it ! I will add a demo in the Alpha Build for every VR Early Access User very soon. You can read some infos here :

You can support me on Patreon !

Hope you like the news, don't hesitate to join me on Discord !

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