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PC Version : Next Gen Hair !

Hey everyone !!

It’s been over a year since I updated Sex & Gun PC version !

First, thank you for your patience ! I’m really sorry about this, I’m aware of all the problems of optimization that the game has. Please know that I’m reworking it from scratch ! I will give an update early next year so it can work properly for everyone.

What I'm currently focusing on is more the “sex” gameplay of the game.

The first version I made is too much re-using VR “mechanics” to Non-VR, and it just doesn’t work. So I’m on a very different vision now, more animation based, with the male & female character visible instead of just the female.

I didn’t had enough time to work on it to be honest, lately I just managed to do an update on the VR version at the end of the year, where I made a “physical” based sex system.

Ok… and?

Now it’s time to test a small update and have something different than the VR version. It’s with hairs !

This end of year, the engine I’m using (Unreal Engine 4) gave us some great tools to render realistic hairs ! So I worked on our favorite character and placed her some new hairs that are very physical and natural. It’s working quite smoothly on a 1080TI, I hope it will be good for you too. They are not yet perfect but I was so excited that I wanted you to try !

I reworked the customization system to be more a PC based interface, and added some new clothes & morphs that were in the VR version.

You're a flying camera for now, you’ll move with WSAD and use the mouse to interact with the menu.

If you zoom and look fully at the character you'll have more options. You can customize the woman, animate her, change her hair, hair color, change her clothes, change the animation rating, control her private parts too, all dynamically !

I will add a trailer video on the website soon

What’s will be on the next update ?

The priority will be to fix some issues of clothes & anim, add more clothes, show the male character (First person) and be able to start scenes with her, so she stop fucking the wind !

If you bought the game on the website, you'll receive a build by email ! Message me on discord or by mail if you haven't received it. Hope you’ll like it !!

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