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PC Version : Sex Scene Update !

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Hey everyone !

A new update on the game beta branch of Steam ! If you purchased the game on the website, you'll receive an email. if you haven't received it, feel free to shoot me a message on Discord or Email.

I will polish this a little more in a future update, feel free to send me your comments !

I'm too dead to make a video trailer but I'll update the store page soon !

If the beta ask you a "password" just leave it empty, there is no password!

*If you are not full screen, you can press "F11" to toggle windowed/full screen*

In this udpate :

* 1 New hair style

* Male Character appears when you select “Sex Anim”

* Switch Free Cam or Male POV (you can see through the eyes of the guy)

* 1 small Area for each Sex Anim (Total 6)

* You can switch the hole of your choice (Anal/Pussy)

* Slider allowing you to control the speed of the animations

* Camera mode, so you can take picture and edit the image with multiple options

* Some other small bug fixes

Upcoming for the next update :

* Adding more variation to the animation (Grab boobs & others) that you can toggle

* Fix some animations & shaders (hands/dick/hair position)

* Sounds synch to what you do

* Face of woman & emotion change with the interactions you do (now it's random)

* Woman look at camera on/off

Phase 2 & 3 :

Add the actual "Sex Gameplay" (with orgasm to control etc) and final phase repack everything together with the actual gun fight & story (without bugs;) )!

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