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New Update ! Happy Halloween Season Everyone !!

A New update of Sex & Gun VR is now live on STEAM ! If you bought the game on the website, you'll get an email with the new Build !:)

The Zombie Story (1.4) is not yet finalized but I thought that for Halloween you would like to kill some Zombies, test the new AI & Sex system, see the new cloths, have a lot of game fixes so here we go ! !

The game levels have been decorated for Halloween for a small period of time. - All the Gang member have been replaced by zombies ! Enjoy the Skulls & Pumpkin decoration too;) You can enable/disable that via the main menu in the game options, restart the level and you are free from the zombies !

All the sex scenes have been remade : - You can grab woman body part, move them where you want - Switch between hand/dick - Switch between fingers to put (1,2,3,4) by pressing "Grip" while in hand mode. // The system bindings is subject to changes when the sex house will be released \

New Character Dialogue system more comfortable to read & interact with. Better Menu & options (sounds, graphics game settings...) New AI : Reload, strafe, use different weapons : knife, pistol, rifle. A lot more clothes for the woman + variations ! A new Customize system menu. Zombie Gore Dismemberment system (shoot head, arm, leg, hand, foot !) Grip rifle with 2-Hand to have less recoil. Game Difficulty : Easy/Normal/Hard - will reduce difficulty of AI, reduce number of enemies (note : it doesn't apply on the zombies) Change option of Gun System (Realistic or Infinite ammo) via menu. Better game performance. Reduce loading time. Game file size reduced. (7go vs 19Go)

Lot of fixes as requested like grabbing the rifle of the hospital from distance, also the headset & "pad" in the space lobby are much easier to grab and go back to their original location few seconds after drop, issues with the lasers & scopes etc...


Important notes : - I mainly tested it from my HTC Vive - Should be fine with Oculus & Mixed Reality since I haven't touched too much the bindings. - Vive Index, should work as well. - Rift S I think there is a big issue with it. Be advised it's not going to be compatible yet.

Here are some images of the bindings for the customization :

I'll be around on Discord/Forum if you have any issue ! If you liked the update, please leave me a Review, that helps !:)

> You can also support me on Patreon :

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