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Game is Released !

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Hey everyone, the game is now released on Steam !

I requested to Steam to put the tag "Early Access", since the game needs some polish, but is in a playable state ! it should be displayed on the page very soon.

- I hope you'll have fun with the first Chapter "The Rise of RoboCock" - some more will be on the way after the release of the "Peace & Love" Room -

* Once you finish the chapter; you'll wake up in a special place where you'll be able to choose what scene you want to re-play - with the Partner customization enabled.

* The Customization system is at an early stage but you can already choose some cloths, eyes, hairs, skin colors - breast size - * More cloths, & Shapes variation are on the way.

* Some new animations variation will be added & polished in the upcoming weeks, when the "Peace & Love" Room will be released - Room where you'll only have sex, and no guns !

* WIP on new sounds

* TRANSLATION on the way : French & Korean -

Special Thank you for the guyz who cheered me up on Discord (Wolf, Tom a Hawk, Hanfroyyo, CorerMaximus, PeanutPencil ) ! Join us too :)

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