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Sex & Gun PC Beta Branch : 2 Levels & Sex Scene GamePlay

A new Menu, 2 levels (The Yard & The office) the first draft of the Sex Gameplay and some new hairs !

Hey everyone, I hope you are doing well !

Here's a new update for the Sex & Gun PC Beta Branch !

Version 2.0 / APRIL 2021

  • A New Main Menu !

  • Two levels: The Yard & The office

  • First draft of the Sex Gameplay

  • Optimization

  • Revamp of the main character movement

  • New AI

  • Facial Rig & Temporary AI Voices for scenes

  • 6 new hairs

  • Censored Filter for streamers that you can toggle

  • Emergency screen button

You'll be able to choose between a new game, or the sex scenes—there is no "continue" yet will be added on the next run.

The graphics options are working (graphic quality) It's missing "screen resolution" & full screen option. You should be able to toggle full screen with F11 by default.

Sound options are not enabled.

The Yard & The office:

Levels should be optimized and fast to load and not issues like before (black lights etc). Make sure you use a SSD drive though.

New main character : Overall, he has more natural movements and he can now climb anything but ladder. Some AIM Anim will be improved.

The AI is a bit the same as before, but has patrol mode and a beginning of dismemberment with not too much blood for now. It will be polished for the next patch.

The woman has now a moving mouth during the talking scenes, I added some placeholder voices for the yard & the office; they will be replaced by voice actors later.

The first draft !

You’ll start directly with the sex, no preliminary (but I will add this next time) - before you could remove her cloths, etc.

You’ll see 2 Progress bars of the man & woman “orgasmo-meter”.

You will have to please her first at least once to continue!

Reward for each tier:

The concept is that the more you make your girl happy, the more things you can unlock (like IRL :P)

- 1: Can go to the next step of the story

- 2: Unlock the Replay of that scene in the Sex Chapter

- 3: Can unlock the outfit and hair of that character

I'm also thinking of getting a currency that we can then use later to buy some special sex games/tools or clothes variation in the "sex house".

For now, by default, everything is unlocked!

I managed to add 6 new hairs, and fix some that were not well-placed.

There is also the police officer outfit, but it doesn't work with morphs variation yet!

If you select Rest Area, you'll have an empty level for now where you can customize your woman. This will be, later, a house where you can walk free and spawn partners anywhere you want and customize them.

If you select "The Office" you'll be back at the office without having to do the story scenes, etc.

The other scenes will be added at the next updates!

I know that in the last update I allowed to visit some other levels, but due to some changes I did, I had to hide theses levels—you will only have the office for now !

And at last, I added the censoring feature for future streamers, and also an emergency screen if someone comes in your room (safer than Alt tab xD) - It's a Blue Screen of Death, so don't be scared if you see it! I will later let you customize it with the image of your choice.

Join me on Discord if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints:

If you like the updates and the direction where the game goes, please consider making a nice review on Steam in return! That will help the game grow :)

if you bought the game on the website, I will send you the update by email !

Thank you for playing, and stay safe! :)

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